So you want to grow your carpentry business?


Recently we’ve all been asked to make changes to our personal and business lives that we never thought we’d have to. One of the big changes we’re all seeing is the use of technology to allow safe and efficient business to take place. It has forced some real innovation and it’s the businesses that are open to those changes that put themselves in the best position.

An opportunity to embrace change and grow
For you, the question is … How can you win and deliver more profitable work without adding more overheads?  Your customers expect professional quotes (fast) and the more you turn out, the more work you win.

So how do you generate more quotes, faster? How do you run more jobs without putting on (more) admin staff?

It’s actually easier than you may think. The technology for those in the residential construction industry, including carpenters, has caught up; and what used to be a collection of hard-to-use, disconnected software systems are now modern, Aussie-made cloud based tools, uniquely designed around the needs of small builders and trades.

Use construction software that helps you win more work

When quoting for new work, it’s critical to get both speed and accuracy right. Using estimating software, you’ll be able to up the ante on the accuracy, presentation and timeliness of your quotes; ensuring that your business comes across as professional and competent, so you can compete with the bigger guys, and stand out from your competition.

An all-encompassing, professional and accurate quote will also reduce the number of surprises for your clients later down the track. This contributes to building a good reputation which in turn helps confirm your business value, instilling trust and increasing referrals.

Increase your efficiency so that you can take on more jobs

Using the right, fit for purpose tools will dramatically increase your efficiency by enabling you, for example, to work while you’re onsite, thereby freeing you up from having to do admin from your desk at night.  There’s lots of work you can do on the road such as:

  • Send purchase orders and invoices
  • Receipt goods
  • And even change entire job schedules

Cloud-based estimating and job management software, which you can access from any device and any place, can save you anywhere from 50% to 80% in time.  This will help ensure that your jobs are delivered by their due date and to budget, enabling you and your team to take on more work without having to work more hours.

Better control of your cashflow and profit

One of the key aspects of growth is having control of your profit, cashflow and margins for each individual job. Truth is, the admin required to stay on top of that with traditional tools makes it almost impossible. That’s what technology is for.

Using software to get your financials right also enables you to generate reports and analyse areas for further profit maximisation, and assists in ensuring that you price your jobs properly going forward.

Start growing your business now

Buildxact is an Aussie online estimating and job management software platform uniquely designed for the residential construction industry.  From first contact and quote to final invoice, it will enable you to fast-track your business and take it to the next level and beyond.

“If you’re still using paper and spreadsheets to do your takeoffs and run your jobs, I recommend you take a look at Buildxact – you’ll be amazed at how much time and money it can save you.” – Jaye Ibrahim, Jetcon Builders, read his story here.

Register for a 14 day free trial or book into a one-on-one demo now and see how Buildxact can help your business.