Champions of Industry show a strong commitment to improving the Carpentry trade through their support of Carpentry Australia. This ensures the longevity of the Carpentry trade and helps to secure long term careers for all of those who work within it. Champions of Industry are recognised as true leaders within our industry and the wider community; stating undoubtedly that THEY are A TRUE CHAMPION.

Champions of Industry have signed up all of their Carpenters as members of Carpentry Australia and made a commitment to sign any new employees up as Carpentry Australia members as their business grows.

Michael Gunn, Dylan Gunn & Mike Sanders of Animal Carpentry have a combined 45 years experience in the Carpentry industry. Animal Carpentry specialises in all aspects of carpentry from the initial set out of the site, to the handover of the build with final finishing touches and attention to detail . One of Animal Carpentry’s best attributes is the capability to make your last minute needs a reality with the ease of a phone call or an online request. Animal Carpentry’s clients range from Tier 2 or 3 semi-commercial builders to boutique building companies on 3-10 million dollar builds, to simple and smart backyard pergola/decks. Animal Carpentry is a company driven by client satisfaction.
Animal Carpentry shares the same love of the trade as Carpentry Australia and supports the same common cause signing up their team of 50 as members. Committing to sign up all future Carpenters as members as they aim for a team of 100 in 2019. This is why Animal Carpentry is the inaugural Champions of Industry. For further information about Animal Carpentry, their products/services or how they can assist your business please visit their website or call Mike on 0417 114 462