Paslode Impulse Coil Master

The Game Changer

Save time and effort with the all-new PASLODE COILMASTER, Australia’s first and only cordless, coil nailer.

This ground-breaking tool delivers true cordless convenience allowing you the flexibility to move about the job site unhindered. With no hoses to trip over or get snagged on, the workplace just got a whole lot safer. At only 2.95kg the CoilMaster is one of the most compact and lightweight cordless tools on the market, making it easy to access tight spaces and perfect for high locations. The interchangeable hook also conveniently latches onto your toolbelt or nearest rafter allowing you to climb ladders and attend other tasks without fear of dropping the tool.

Extremely user-friendly, the CoilMaster has an interchangeable battery that can be used across the entire Paslode cordless Impulse range, and includes easy depth-of-drive adjustment for deeper or shallower firing. The replaceable No Mar Tip keeps your materials clear of any marks or scratches. Specifically designed CoilMaster coils come in 32mm to 50mm lengths and in five different styles for a variety of applications. Typical applications include installing Metal Connectors, Bracing, Cladding, installing Ply as well as Fencing. The adjustable nail tray allows for the varying coil sizes to be accommodated effortlessly, and with the transparent cover you’ll always be able to see when it’s nearly time to re-load.

Of course, being a Paslode means that performance and reliability is at the forefront of this tool, with enhanced fan operation and Powervent technology to deliver consistent depth of drive, meaning greater quality of work, reducing the need for do-overs. Coupled with the fact that no air compressor is required, therefore eliminating setup and take-down, the Paslode CoilMaster will save you up to two hours per day.* How’s that for a  true Game Changer?

Features and benefits include:

  • Cordless convenience – no hose
  • A safer job site
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Consistent depth of drive
  • No setup, take-down or air compressor required
  • Removeable No Mar Tip
  • Depth of Drive Wheel Adjustment
  • Adjustable Nail Tray
  • Interchangeable Battery
  • Enhanced fan performance
  • Comfort Ergonomics with adjustable belt/rafter hook.

*average daily time saving from sample of 30 builders