Recap of our Sydney Chippy Event at Allcott Hire Silverwater

The Sydney Builders Event, hosted at Allcott Hire Silverwater brought together individuals and groups from across the city to connect, collaborate, and have a bit of fun.  Held in conjunction with Milwaukee, the event served as a grand conclusion to the Sydney Building Expo, offering a platform for both members and non-members to engage in like-minded discussions and networking opportunities.

One of the highlights of the event was the generous contributions from various sponsors. Aaron WD Huey’s offer of a six-month coaching prize underscored the commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth within the industry. Additionally, Milwaukee provided a two-piece power pack, showcasing their dedication to equipping professionals with high-quality tools. Tradie Magazine also stepped up, offering three annual subscriptions, further enhancing the experience for attendees.

At Carpentry Australia, we are passionate about creating opportunities for our community to come together, collaborate, and thrive. Guided by our NSW lead, Hannah Keirl, the event welcomed numerous new connections and interactions among attendees.

A big thanks to Sam and the team at Allcott Hire for their support as sponsors and friends of Carpentry Australia.  We also extend our appreciation to the NSW Milwaukee team for their outstanding tool demos, merchandise, and dedication to connecting with our community.

Stay posted for our next Sydney events coming to you soon!