Sealing Your Deck: Your Insurance Policy Against Damage From the Sun, Moisture & Mold

Photo Credit: @glenviewcarpentry

Don’t know what coating is on the deck?
Not all coatings are compatible. Incompatible coatings compromise adhesion properties. So when you want to coat a deck, but can’t tell what coating is currently on it, confusion can arise when sent home to conduct various tests. This can ultimately delay intentions to complete projects. Intergrain UltraPrep Sealer & Primer is the solution to this problem.


This particular deck sealer and primer uses ‘Coat Bonding Technology’ to seal timber surfaces, locking in any existing oil-based, water-based or mineral oil-based coatings. This forms a stable surface for any Intergrain water-based coating to be applied over the top. Follow the process on pack to achieve a new desired finish.

1. Prep: Prepare surface per label instructions.
2. Seal: Apply one coat of  Intergrain UltraPrep Sealer & Primer
3. Coat: Overcoat with any Intergrain water-based long-lasting topcoats. E.g, Intergrain UltraDeck Timber Oil, Intergrain UltraDeck Timber Stain.


Extending the life of water-based top coats
Intergrain UltraPrep Sealer & Primer will also extend the life of any Intergrain water-based top coat when applied underneath. See images below on how the life of the timber coating has been extended.

Without a protective sealer, extended exposure to the elements – the ravages of harsh Australian sun, rain, and fluctuating temperatures will harm the surface of your hardwood deck leading to premature cracking, splinters, fading, and potentially even rot and mould.

Intergrain UltraPrep Sealer & Primer guards against such damage while allowing the timber’s natural grain and colour to shine through. We recommend applying Intergrain UltraPrep Sealer & Primer every three months until a topcoat is applied over the top.

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