Why do we need Carpentry Australia?

Why is the carpentry trade struggling in Australia?

Many of the reasons we’ve been hurting stem from these 3 things:
-Weak regulation – This has allowed the cowboys in providing more competition to win work but on an unfair playing field; lower standards which have resulted in less respect for our trade and lower rates.
-Disorganisation – No leadership from within the trade (our own specific trade), no cooperation between individuals and no strategic roadmap for turning things around.
-Lack of support – New industry entrants (those in, or who have just completed, an apprenticeship) unprepared to face challenges in a tough industry and with no practical help available; fall out of the trade before they get a chance to earn their stripes and become really good and experienced at what they do. An underlying national skills shortage has lead to substantial investment by government in training, but, with an increasing number of drop outs and failed businesses this has served as a means of lowering the averages when it comes age, experience and ability within our trade.

These issues have been going on for decades, compounding in the trade issues we face today.

Why has nothing changed in all that time?

Simply put, before Carpentry Australia, there was no organisation with the clout, care and longevity to do what was needed to deal with the problems faced specifically by the carpentry trade.
Some organisations have come and gone due to lack of funding and a clearly defined direction or proposed outcome. Others have tacked on Carpentry as one of the many trades they “support” under their umbrella, but as a result have created a conflict of interest; these organisations will ultimately always be driven by their biggest supporters and this means the carpenters (amongst other trades) interests fall by the wayside.
Chippies have been facing the same issues and challenges year in year out, for decades… and previously, nothing has happened.

What is Carpentry Australia doing about it?

Well, we’re tackling the different issues head on, straight away.
On the regulation issue; one thing we have learnt as a trade by now is that calls for change won’t do anything without a strong backing and a practical proposal, so we’re building both. While we work towards building our army of supporters through memberships, CA is also developing a practical framework and working model for consistent and effective regulation for our trade.
On the issue of leadership and cooperation – the very existence of a dedicated organisation for our trade is a huge step forward. Carpentry Australia is already providing a structure for all chippies to have a stake in the future of their trade at last. You don’t have to plug away on your own any more – we’re here to bring likeminded chippies together and provide clear leadership and a strong voice for our trade now and into the future. Through our membership and broader network of over 60,000 chippies, we’re opening the door to real conversations about the issues our trade faces and we’re giving carpenters the opportunity to talk with each other and learn from one another, fostering real cooperation.
Lastly, on support – We’re currently giving real, practical help to our members on a daily basis, helping them develop their knowledge and skills to be the best they can be, so they can stay in the trade and be a part of raising standards and rates across the board. What’s more, by providing FREE support to apprentices, the next generation of qualified chippies, we’re arming them with the info they need ahead of time so they’re equipped to take their part in bringing the trade forward too.

How can you get involved?Proud Member Proud Chippy Badge

It’s simple. We all know there’s power in numbers, and the sooner we’re all together, the sooner we’ll all start to feel the benefits. Your membership will provide you with many individual benefits and additionally it will help CA to grow bigger and stronger. Ultimately, this will bring big changes to our industry faster!
Get behind us – click here and jump on board as a proud CA Member today.