Empowering Women in Carpentry: Carpentry Australia’s Journey Towards Inclusivity

Carpentry Australia is not just about building structures; it’s about constructing a future where diversity and inclusivity thrive in the trades. On Wednesday, September 22nd, Felicity Pettiford, a driving force behind Carpentry Australia, embarked on a journey to connect with the Carpentry Australia crews, paving the way for a more inclusive landscape for women in trades.

Creating a Safe Environment:

Felicity engaged with Carpentry Australia crews to discuss the pivotal factors in creating a safe environment for apprentices, with a special focus on fostering the participation of women. The key takeaway was the importance of instilling a growth mindset and encouraging goal setting right from the beginning of an apprenticeship. By creating an environment that nurtures confidence and enhances communication skills, Carpentry Australia is shaping the future of trades.

Champion Members Speak Out:

During her visit, Felicity had the opportunity to connect with some of Carpentry Australia’s champion members. These industry leaders emphasized the significance of fostering a growth mindset and encouraging goal-setting as essential components of apprenticeship programs. By instilling these values, Carpentry Australia aims to create an environment where apprentices not only learn the technical skills but also develop the mindset needed for long-term success.

Onsite Connection with Female Apprentices:

Felicity’s visit included meaningful interactions with two female apprentices from the Ninety-Three Building Group. Together, they explored the importance of shared values, mutual respect among colleagues, and goal setting in creating a conducive work environment. Carpentry Australia is committed to providing a platform for female apprentices to share experiences, connect, and support each other, fostering a stronger sense of community within the industry.

Fostering Collaboration with EWIT:

Carpentry Australia’s commitment to inclusivity was further showcased through the inclusion of Empowering Women in Trades (EWIT) in the Helping Hand Day Celebration event. This collaboration exemplifies Carpentry Australia’s dedication to working with industry partners to empower women in trades. By joining forces with EWIT, Carpentry Australia is actively contributing to the growth of a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Carpentry Australia is driving progress in the trades by prioritising inclusivity and empowerment for women. The emphasis on growth mindset, goal setting, and community building sets a strong foundation for the future of carpentry.  The journey is ongoing, but Carpentry Australia is taking the necessary steps to ensure that the trade is are open and welcoming to all.