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Member Member Number Member Status

Aaron Anderson

170026 Active

Aaron Bults-O'Halloran

150775 Active

Aaron Darling

180137 Active

Aaron Feilden

160387 Active

Aaron Fenech

151364 Active

Aaron Griffiths

170265 Active

Aaron Karlich

160383 Active

Aaron Moody

150969 Active

Aaron Puckering

170283 Active

Aaron Seagrave

180012 Active

Aaron Usher

170620 Active

Aaron Wales

170373 Active

Abanoub (Abs) Melek

151477 Active

Abdel Chaaban

170469 Active

Adam Bailey

160321 Active

Adam Batsh

150385 Active

Adam Battisti

170486 Active

Adam Camilleri

151288 Active

Adam Gibson

170456 Active

Adam Golding

170144 Active

Adam Gosper

151098 Active

Adam Gradidge

151525 Active

Adam Harvey

180054 Active

Adam Leonardi

160104 Active

Adam Lucas

160492 Active

Adam McLean

150884 Active

Adam Race

160500 Active

Adam Rose

150671 Active

Adam Schoppe

150057 Active

Adam Syme

150496 Active

Adam Walters

180051 Active

Adamo Da Silva

150597 Active

Adem Emini

151474 Active

Adrian Barducci

151463 Active

Adrian Chessari

131260 Active

Adrian Crafter

170550 Active

Adrian Davidson

170593 Active

Frank Reffo

160574 Active

Aidan Blyth

170524 Active

Aidan Carew

140326 Active

Aidan Digioacchino

160189 Active

Aidan Riley

170028 Active

Aidan Robertson

180095 Active

Aidan Woods

180132 Active

Aiden Bennett

140327 Active

Aiden Sita

150491 Active

Aik Sam

160320 Active

Alan Saeed

150879 Active

Albi Hampson

170488 Active

Aleksandar Brajic

151169 Active

Aleksander Milenkovic

151103 Active

Alessandro Balogun

150027 Active

Alex Abbott

170521 Active

Alex Amos

170520 Active

Alex Anderson

170386 Active

Alex MacDonald

180205 Active

Alex Mackey

150166 Active

Alex Martin

170459 Active

Alex McLeod

160001 Active

Alex Muir

170218 Active

Alex Ramsay

180131 Active

Alexander Clark

180103 Active

Alexander Fell

180187 Active

Alexander Galevski

150592 Active

Alexander Johnston

160353 Active

Alexander Joyce Wilson

170660 Active

Alexander Kukrudz

170329 Active

Alexander Robertson

160300 Active

Alexander Steel

160032 Active

Alexander Syddall

150707 Active

Ali Chahine

151466 Active

Ali El Haouli

160466 Active

Ali Hamame

140445 Active

Allen Hill

170616 Active

Amandeep Singh Sodhi

160456 Active

Amos Soo

160429 Active

Andersen Agius

160426 Active

Andrew Coen

180145 Active

Andrew Costa

150822 Active

Andrew Day

170080 Active

Andrew De Maria

160377 Active

Andrew Gaiser

150858 Active

Andrew Galea

170456 Active

Andrew Klasan

140409 Active

Andrew Lyons

160138 Active

Andrew Matthews

160271 Active

Andrew Miaoulis

150674 Active

Andrew Moore

180243 Active

Andrew Nicholls

151095 Active

Andrew Parker

180053 Active

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-business/trading name
-Carpentry Australia member number

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