Need to verify your carpenter or apprentice is a current member of Carpentry Australia?

Use the Search For A Member tool to access a database of all Carpentry Australia members.

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Member NumberFirst NameLast NameMembership Status
150230 Billy Abbas Current
140316 Mohammed Abdulhamid Current
150519 Zakareea Abdulhamid Current
131222 James Abela Current
130904 Richard Ablett Current
CA160070 Brian Absolon Current
150484 Matthew Accetta Current
170017 Bradley Aceglav Current
150411 Brett Achurch Current
160603 Melrich Ackermann Current
150507 Matthew Ackroyd Current
131522 Jayden Adams Current
140199 Cody Adams Current
150457 Reuben Adams Current
150813 Ryan Adams Current
CA151348 Ryan Adams Current
170007 Sebastian Adamson Current
CA160336 Joel Addis Current
CA160016 Steven Addison Current
131256 Morris Agi Current
131432 Chris Agnew Current
CA151501 Moussa Ahmad Current
CA151471 Ilker Ahmedoff Current
131623 Tim Ainger Expired
150515 Brad Aitken Current
CA160081 Samuel Aitken Current
131031 Sahin Akdogan Expired
131033 Gokhan Al Expired
150610 Joel Alberts Current
150578 Leslie Aldrich Current
150699 Chris Alexander Current
CA150951 Amin Ali Current
CA160316 Jimal Ali Current
140214 Matthew Aliotta Current
CA160404 Nathan Alipan Current
131237 Nicole Allan Current
150070 Bryce Allan Current
150483 Jake Allan Current
150777 Jack Allan Current
131265 Jason Allcock Current
150044 Torby Alldridge Current
150705 William Allen Current
CA150932 Roger Allen Current
150358 Richard Alley Current
CA150976 Husain Alley Current
140452 Jacob Allin Current
131255 Brendan Allingham Current
CA151423 Sosefo Alofi Current
150584 Jordyn Ambridge Current
CA160421 Danny Ambruosi Current

Don’t risk it

If your carpenter can’t produce a valid membership card, contact us for a quick membership status check*.

*Where possible, please have the following details ready:
-full name
-business/trading name
-Carpentry Australia member number

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