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Member Member Number Member Status

Aaron Anderson

170026 Active

Aaron Darling

180137 Active

Aaron Davy

190205 Active

Aaron Duck

180786 Active

Aaron Feilden

160387 Active

Aaron Griffiths

170265 Active

Aaron Huggard

190319 Active

Aaron Karlich

160383 Active

Aaron Moody

150969 Active

Aaron Puckering

170283 Active

Aaron Rouse

160478 Lapsed

Aaron Seagrave

180012 Active

Abdel Chaaban

170469 Active

Abs Melek

190336 Active

Acer Cooper

190536 Active

Adam Allen

180639 Active

Adam Ang

180660 Active

Adam Bailey

160321 Active

Adam Bailey

190134 Active

Adam Battisti

170486 Active

Adam Butcher

190143 Active

Adam Dabron

190644 Active

Adam Garside

180820 Active

Adam Gibson

170456 Active

Adam Golding

170144 Active

Adam Hudspith

190522 Active

Adam Lynch

180831 Active

Adam McKelvie

180291 Active

Adam McLean

150884 Active

Adam Race

160500 Active

Adam Stephen

190169 Active

Adam Walters

180051 Active

Adrian Hansen

190176 Active

adrian jones

180607 Active

Adrian Rice

190199 Active

Ahmed Dahbache

190470 Active

Aidan Blyth

170524 Active

Aidan Ceh

180629 Active

Aidan Clarke

190418 Active

Aidan Cutler

190068 Active

Aidan Digioacchino

160189 Active

Aidan Riley

170028 Active

Aidan Robertson

180095 Active

Aiden Coghlan

180593 Active

Aik Sam

160320 Active

Alastair Triffitt

190445 Active

Albi Hampson

170488 Active

Alessandro Balogun

150027 Active

Alex Baker

190452 Active

Alex Boardman

190003 Active

Alex Freeman

180620 Active

Alex Johnston

180435 Active

Alex MacDonald

180205 Active

Alex Malcolm

190590 Active

Alex Martin

170459 Active

Alex Muir

170218 Active

Alex Nguyen

190246 Active

Alex Pyne

180909 Active

Alex Ramsay

180131 Active

Alex Russell

190051 Active

Alex Young

160030 Lapsed

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*Where possible, please have the following details ready:
-full name
-business/trading name
-Carpentry Australia member number

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