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Member Member Number Member Status

(Jaxson) Lee Wen Soon

220107 Active

Aaron Booth

210426 Active

Aaron Cullen

200628 Lapsed

Aaron Daggett

210184 Active

Aaron Davy

190205 Lapsed

Aaron Didio

200035 Active

Aaron Exton


Aaron Haines

200769 Active

Aaron Hodges

220470 Active

Aaron Huggard

190319 Active

Aaron Lygris


Aaron Mcleod-Shilton

220276 Active

Aaron Moody

150969 Active

Aaron Peoples


Aaron Rouse

160478 Lapsed

Aaron Scott

200674 Lapsed

Aaron Trewavis

210506 Active

Abdelrahman Awadeh

220163 Active

Abrahim El Tawil

200918 Active

Abs Melek

190336 Lapsed

Acer Cooper

190536 Active

Adam Allen

180639 Active

Adam Bailey

190134 Active

Adam Beauchamp


Adam Burks

190826 Active

Adam Butcher

190143 Lapsed

Adam Carn

210113 Active

Adam Corsini

190716 Active

Adam Dabron

190644 Active

Adam Docherty

170405 Lapsed

Adam Edwards

200342 Active

Adam Ford

220471 Active

Adam Gibson

200878 Lapsed

Adam Golding

170144 Active

Adam Hoblos


Adam Hudspith

190522 Active

Adam Jiang

200996 Lapsed

Adam Lynch

180831 Active

Adam Maluszczak

210783 Active

Adam McCartney

220068 Lapsed

Adam McKelvie

180291 Active

Adam Putto

200198 Lapsed

Adam Reay

190845 Lapsed

Adam Rollo

210714 Active

Adam Sharpe

190666 Active

Adam Slade

220069 Lapsed

Adam Spicer

210192 Lapsed

Adam Spinola

200232 Active

Adam Thomson

190726 Active

Adam Thopson

220103 Active

Adis Kaic

210414 Lapsed

Adnan Al Bramawi

210809 Active

Adrian Bonato

190859 Active

Adrian Colaluca

210105 Active

Adrian Gillman

190761 Active

Adrian Rice

190199 Active

Adrian Scattolin

220217 Active

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*Where possible, please have the following details ready:
-full name
-business/trading name
-Carpentry Australia member number

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