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Member   Member Number Member Status

Agron Barjaktarevic

210094 Lapsed

Agustin Serka

220631 Active

Ahmad Azimi

230314 Active

Ahmad El jassem

210696 Lapsed

Ahmad Halwani

200230 Lapsed

Ahmed Zraika

220953 Active

Aidan Kelly


Aidan Nagy-Juhasz

230305 Active

Aidan Sauvage

200059 Active

Aiden Coghlan

180593 Active

Al Maguire

190171 Active

Alby Rogers

210793 Active

Alessandro Balogun

150027 Active

Alex Baker

190452 Active

Alex Ennion

200265 Active

Alex Farmer

230145 Lapsed

Alex Fuller


alex giffen

200040 Active

Alex Glossop

210895 Lapsed

Alex Gradwell

190697 Lapsed

Alex Gwynne

210711 Active

Alex Holt

200422 Lapsed

Alex Kavic

210357 Lapsed

Alex Kemp

180335 Lapsed

Alex Lidbury

220449 Active

Alex Malcolm

190590 Lapsed

Alex Nguyen

190246 Lapsed

Alex Pyne

180909 Active

Alex Ramsay

180131 Lapsed

Alex Rowell

210896 Active

Alex Watkins

200833 Lapsed

Alex Young

160030 Lapsed

Alexander Challus

200772 Lapsed

Alexander Ho

210961 Active

Alexander Joyce Wilson

210504 Lapsed

Alexander Lynch

200920 Active

alexander trebse

200862 Lapsed

Alexander Voutos

190744 Lapsed

Alexia Karatzikos

200773 Active

Don’t risk it

If your carpenter can’t produce a valid membership card, contact us for a quick membership status check*.

*Where possible, please have the following details ready:
-full name
-business/trading name
-Carpentry Australia member number

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