What Insurance Do Chippies Need to Consider?

At imar we understand as a chippy, you have a short amount of time so in this blog we will quickly answer, what insurances a chippy may need, what each insurance is, what is covered and how much does it cost.

In Australia, a chippy needs public liability insurance, personal accident and illness insurance and tool cover, at a minimum. You may as well think of these 3 as your virtual tool belt, and it protects you on the job.

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance protects a business against claims lodged against you by a third party. It includes cover for third party personal injury, property damage and legal expenses in defending a claim.

What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

Public liability insurance covers costs of a potential claim against you from a third party. A third party could include the general public, your customers, your suppliers and contractors.

Imar’s public liability insurance covers costs awarded against you for personal injury and property damage.

It important to understand, there are limitations to all insurances and any claims are considered under the terms and conditions of the policy, including additional options you may select. Before, and upon acquiring any insurance, you should read all policy documents. 

What does Public Liability Insurance cost?

As Public liability insurance can be quite detailed the cost depends on your occupation, your state and your turnover. To be 100% sure it’s best to speak to one of our imar tradie brokers to get a detailed quote on free call 1800 284 627.

What is Personal Accident and Illness Insurance?

Personal accident and illness insurance protects you financially, if you are injured at work or during leisure time and you can’t work for a period of time due to that injury.  You can also include Illness cover for an additional premium. There are many names for personal accident and insurance and imar’s policy is called personal injury and illness.

It pays a weekly amount to you whilst you’re unable to work*. In the trade, it can be known as accident and sickness insurance, regardless of name, it’s all about protecting your income.

*Up to the maximum benefit period shown on the Policy Schedule, less excluded period of claim. Conditions apply, refer to Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Schedule.

^It’s important to note that the IMAR Personal Accident & Illness cover is not Income Protection – Income Protection cover has options for a longer benefit period and covers more insurable events. It is only available from a life insurance provider and protects you if you’re unable to work for a specified period due to almost any illness or injury. Typically a higher premium applies for Income Protection due to the additional coverage. If you’re interested, this cover is available through Gallagher Benefit Services, who can advise you on whether this insurance is right for you.

What does Personal Accident and Illness Insurance cover?

Imar personal accident and illness insurance covers not only the smaller injuries but more serious injuries including permanent total disablement, quadriplegia, paraplegia, loss to sight, loss to hearing, permanent physical severance or permanent total loss to hands, arms, legs, and also provides a partner benefit in the case of death, funeral funds and modification funds in case you have to modify your house or vehicle or relocate to a suitable home.

If the optional illness benefit is selected, you can be covered for illness and disease that prevents you from working for a period of time. Limitations do apply, including an exclusion on pre-existing conditions.

For more detailed information on what imar Personal Accident and Illness insurance covers, read our recent blog.

What does Personal Accident and Illness Insurance cost?

Personal accident and illness insurance is as the name suggests, personal. Age, occupation and state will influence the cost. To be 100% sure, it’s best to speak to one of our imar tradie brokers to get a detailed quote on free call 1800 284 627.

What is Tool Insurance?

Tool insurance protects your tools or stock if they are stolen or damaged.  If your tools are stolen from a locked vehicle or premises, they are protected. If your tools are damaged by fire, vandalism and the collision or overturning of your vehicle, they are protected.

There are important limitations and conditions on cover, particularly where tools are stored and how they are secured; including a deprecation factor on insured values. Please refer to Product Disclosure Statement.

What does Tool Insurance Cover?

Imar Tool insurance covers power tools, tools of trade, stock and customer’s property which are used by you in the normal course or scope of your business.

Tool insurance covers power tools, hand held tools, compressors, surveying equipment, photographic and video equipment, mobile communication equipment, ropes, chains or tarpaulins; and computers, notebooks, laptops, electronic diaries or GPS units.

What does Tool Insurance Cost?

It depends on how much you want to insure and your state and can start from $341. To be 100% sure, it is best to speak to call an imar tradie broker on free call 1800 284 627.


In short, chippies should consider, as a minimum, 3 types of insurance, public liability, personal accident and illness and tool cover. Think of it a virtual tool belt that protects you, your business and your finances.

Buying insurance is easy with imar, with tradie brokers who speak your language. Call them directly on 1800 284 627.

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General Advice Warning: To the extent that any material in this document may be considered advice, it does not take into account your objectives, needs or financial situation. You should consider whether the advice is appropriate for you and review any relevant Product Disclosure Statement and policy wording before taking out an insurance policy. Please ask us for more details before we provide you with our services. Our Financial Services Guide (FSG) is available on our website.