Intergrain Universal Timber Oil: Deeply Penetrates To Protect From Within

Do you love the look of natural timber? Help maintain the natural beauty of timber for longer with Intergrain Universal Timber Oil – the clear choice.

Intergrain Universal Timber Oil is a deeply penetrating, clear timber oil that nourishes and protects all exterior timber.


Here’s how it works:

Wood is aged by the elements.

When new timber is left uncoated, it is exposed to the effects of the weather.

Gradually over time, sunlight and rain will cause timber to expand and contract, thereby causing it to swell and shrink. Over time, this can compromise the look and structural integrity of the timber, by warping, cupping and splitting.

This is why timber needs a protective coating. All coatings protect differently – water-based coatings typically form a film that sits on the surface of the timber, whereas oil-based coatings typically penetrate into the timber’s surface.

Intergrain Universal Timber Oil is different. It penetrates deeply and protects from within, meaning the beauty is not just skin deep. 

When applied, Intergrain Universal Timber Oil absorbs into the timber, and will repel water from entering the timber’s surface. 

The absorbed oil penetrates deeply, helping to ensure the dimensional stability of the timber and to minimise warping, cupping and splitting over time by protecting the timber from moisture from the inside, out.

This technology allows Intergrain Universal Timber Oil to protect timber from within, ensuring the natural look of new timber is preserved.

It’s totally universal – the unlocked system:

Other coatings create a ‘locked’ system, only allowing you to coat over the top in the same technology that is already there. This means there’s a high risk of failure if you try to maintain your timber with a different coating in the future.

The technology in Intergrain Universal Timber Oil provides a game-changing unlocked system, meaning any oil-based or water-based coating can be applied over the top, such as the longer-lasting Intergrain UltraDeck Timber Stain, UltraDek Timber Oil and UltraDeck Slip Resistant.
Intergrain Universal Timber Oil won’t lock timber into a technology, making it the perfect coating for new and existing exterior timber structures.

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The Universal colour range: 

Choose Intergrain Universal Timber Oil for a natural, clear finish that allows timber to gradually fade over time to a natural grey – or with simple maintenance, maintain your timber’s natural colour.

Alternatively, add one of seven Intergrain Colour Additive colours to Universal Timber Oil to get the right colour for your job and for a longer-lasting finish.

Experience the innovation of a truly universal timber oil.

Intergrain Universal Timber Oil. The clear choice.