The objectives we’re striving for in everything we do.

  1. To recruit members from all States and Territories in Australia.
  2. To safeguard and develop the status and interests of Australian carpenters.
  3. To take action to protect the interests of the carpentry industry.
  4. To work on behalf of members on issues concerning legislative measures, proposals, Government regulations and enactments which may affect the Carpentry Industry.
  5. To source and pro-actively communicate relevant information to members, relating to their business activities and the Carpentry Industry.
  6. To provide services to members with the aim of assisting them in the improvement of their standards of performance, business model and profitability.
  7. To promote the services and products of members through advertising.
  8. To promote ethical conduct by members in their business activities and to facilitate the settlement of disputes between members and their clients.
  9. To consult employer organisations or other bodies to protect and further the interests of member employers and employees in the industrial relations sphere.
  10. To encourage social contact between members.
  11. To advise on the training options for both apprentices and employees.
  12. To encourage members in the pursuit of our key goals – professionalism, integrity and excellence.
  13. To promote and encourage co-operation between Carpentry Australia and other organisations working towards fully or partially similar objectives.