Registration Program Experience Form

Tell us more about you and your time in the trade!
For each of the areas below, we need you to cast your mind back and give us a rough idea how many times you think you've done it. This can include jobs you worked on as an apprentice, as well as since you've been qualified.
It doesn't need to be spot on, and you don't need to have experience of every single area in order to go for your registration - we're more looking to get a bigger idea of where your experience lies.
Once you've submitted it, you'll be allocated a Registration Expert who'll give you a call for a quick chat!

  • How many times have you...

  • This could include applying, preparing or submitting it.
  • e.g. sheds
  • (Flashing installed by a plumber)
  • This could include any hardware, from door locks and hinges to awnings etc.