Mornington Event Unites Industry Veterans and Women in Trades

On the Mornington Peninsula, Carpentry Australia hosted a unique where we celebrated connection, camaraderie, and the diverse talents within our community. We prioritise building networks that span different facets of the industry, exemplified in events where members share experiences and expertise.

The event featured industry veterans, affectionately known as yesterday’s heroes, acting as mentors. With decades of experience, they shared valuable lessons, enriching the community with continuity. Their wisdom serves as a beacon for the next generation.

Veterans’ stories provide insight into carpentry’s evolution and overcoming challenges, emphasising respect for lessons from the past.

Inclusivity was highlighted as Women in Trades Ambassadors engaged at the event, contributing to initiatives addressing industry challenges. They play a crucial role in breaking gender barriers, inspiring women in carpentry. The event created a celebratory environment where every voice mattered.

Carpentry Australia is proactive in addressing industry challenges. The Melbourne Member Event served as a forum to openly discuss current issues, brainstorm solutions, and strategise for the future. Bringing professionals from diverse backgrounds fosters collaboration, ensuring Carpentry Australia leads in innovation and progress.