Robo-chippy, coming to a jobsite near you soon?

…Maybe not!!  But take a look at this new technology out of Switzerland – how will it change our industry?

Digital construction method combines architecture with robotics and craftsmanship

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Posted by Dezeen on Friday, 30 March 2018

As a piece of technology, you’ve gotta admit the robotic fabricator is pretty cool.  At the same time, there’s a huge fear factor involved in seeing a machine essentially doing your job…

BUT before you run out and retrain as a robot developer, let’s take a quick look at the bigger picture.

The way we see it is this. New technology is being developed all the time and it’s a good thing! As chippies, technology makes our lives easier every day (and if you don’t agree, cast your mind back to the time your circular saw carked it in the middle of a job…)

Secondly, it’s really important to be aware of how technology is changing and if and how it could affect us.  Jeez, a few of you were quick to turn on us when we shared that video last week!  But think – it’s been over 50 years since mankind first went into space… and we’re STILL not buzzing about on rockets like the Jetsons.

The robotic fabricator is pretty swish, but it’s not perfect.  Those of you who got involved in our discussion points on Instagram and Facebook identified some serious limitations, namely that it’s likely too slow, too expensive, not mobile enough, not equipped to deal with imperfect timber lengths… Not to mention the really big factor a couple of you spotted but the Swiss have completely overlooked, that this machine has absolutely zero banter!

So, for the moment, let’s relax and appreciate this for what it is – a pretty incredible bit of technology, that’s unlikely to pose a threat to any of us anytime soon.