The only way to be sure you get the right tool

Don’t compromise on such an important decision

Think back to last time you bought a new tool. The excitement, the anticipation, the choices! It’s fun, don’t get us wrong, but how sure were you of what you were going to buy? Did you have all the right info? Were you confident it was the tool for you, for what you needed to use it for? 

It’s a big decision. It’s your livelihood. It’s something you could be using for thousands of hours each year (if it’s top notch), but also the wrong decision could cost you thousands each year in time and unnecessary effort.

So, where to first?

Do your research of course, it’s important. We live in the age of information so might as well get on that. Hop around various websites, put the call out on social media, ask your boss or colleagues, and watch plenty of YouTube videos (plus a few cricket highlights while you’re at it, why not). And once you’re done, try and remember it all!

But then what? Will you feel ready to walk in the shop and be sure you know what to buy? Maybe. We hope so.

Either way, there’s only one truly fool-proof option, a single experience, that will 100% give you the answer.

And what is it? It’s to get the sucker in your hands, on the job site, with expert guidance, using it for the exact application you need it for day-in day-out. You feel how comfortable it is, how powerful it is, you understand the inner workings of the tool, and you quickly identify any limitations it might have. You also test out the different accessories and consumables available and work out what you need.

We all have our unique preferences when it comes to how we use tools, down to the weirdest little details, and only by properly trying them out do we know they’re right for us.

So next time you go to by a tool don’t just settle for online research or talking to a few people, make sure you get the chance to really try it out yourself on the job site so you 100% know it’s right for you.

Festool Australia offers free tool demonstrations where their Technical Sales Consultants bring the tools out to you on-site for a comprehensive trial. Try them out with the full system including dust extraction and add-ons, and learn from the experts about how the tools work and what they can do. By doing so, you’ll be sure you’re getting the most out of your new tools.

If this sounds the goods, you can book a demo with Festool Australia by clicking here

Provided by Festool Australia