Awards Night: A Celebration of Success and Giving Back

Carpentry Australia had a night to remember at the glitzy Business Benchmark Group Awards held at Crown Promenade on Saturday November 18. The event was not just about recognising achievements but also spotlighting the success of Carpentry Australia’s Business Mastery Program members.

The spotlight illuminated SJ Carpentry, Limitless Build, and Beaumade Build, as they not only secured numerous nominations but also earned well-deserved awards. Additionally, Carpentry Australia’s valued sponsor, Tradie Wraps, renowned for delivering exceptional vehicle wraps to many of our members, was also recognised with award nominations.

Carpenters are known for their hands-on skills in building homes, but many face challenges when it comes to the business side of things. Carpentry Australia’s Business Mastery Program steps in to guide members in not just nailing down carpentry skills but also in running a financially sound and profitable business.

The program helps carpenters keep a close eye on important financial aspects like quotes, work progress, and costs. This ensures their businesses stay financially healthy, with the right team in place for long-term growth and success.

Beyond the awards and glitz, the event had a heartwarming side. Attendees, dressed to the nines in black-tie attire, participated in a charity auction. The funds raised went towards building schools overseas for those in need.

This act of generosity aligns with Carpentry Australia’s values, showing a commitment to giving back and making a positive impact on communities.

Carpentry Australia, with its Business Mastery Program and recognition of outstanding members, is not just shaping the future of carpentry but also contributing to a greater good.