Carpentry Australia’s Powerful Day at Melbourne Polytechnic

On the 13th of November, Carpentry Australia, along with its esteemed sponsors Paslode, Ramset, Stabila, Sutton, and Selleys, made a significant mark at Melbourne Polytechnic. The event was not just about tools and techniques; it was a celebration of building connections, forming relationships, and raising awareness in the heart of carpentry education.

The highlight of the day was the opportunity for the sponsors to engage with the apprentice and student groups. Paslode, Ramset, Stabila, Sutton, and Selleys shared their expertise, providing valuable insights and guidance to the future carpenters of Australia. It was a platform where industry leaders and aspiring craftsmen could come together, fostering a sense of community.

Carpentry Australia took a step further in its commitment to supporting the next generation of carpenters. The organisation proudly announced the signing up of an additional 60 apprentices, offering them free apprenticeships to support and guide them through their journey. This move aligns seamlessly with Carpentry Australia’s mission – to keep the hammer swinging for longer, ensuring a thriving future for the carpentry industry.

The event also showcased a generous gesture from the families behind the renowned Melbourne institution, Provans Timber and Hardware. They announced the donation of an annual award and scholarships, giving back to the city’s trade industry that has long been a pillar of support for them. This philanthropic effort reflects the spirit of unity within the carpentry community, where success is shared, and support is extended to nurture growth.

Carpentry Australia believes in investing in the future of the industry by empowering and educating the heroes of tomorrow.