Carpentry Australia Backs Government’s Free Apprentice Training Initiative

Australia’s commitment to boosting skilled trades just got a big thumbs-up from Carpentry Australia’s mentor, Felicity Pettiford, who recently appeared on Channel 7.   She was all smiles about the government’s new plan: putting $90 million into making 20,000 training spots free for tradespeople. This move comes as Australia’s population grows, nearing 27 million people, largely due to the immigration drive.

Felicity was enthusiastic about this plan as it has the potential to change how skilled trades work in Australia. Felicity also mentioned an important point:  54% of apprentices are not competing their training – only about half of them make it through.

At Carpentry Australia, we’re all about making sure apprentices not only start their carpentry journey but also keep going strong and do great in what they love.

That’s why we’re proud the costs for all Carpentry Australia apprentices across the country.

If you are a carpentry apprentice and you have not registered for our sponsored membership – please do so and join us.  We are here to support you.

With our sponsorship and ongoing support, Carpentry Australia is doing our part. We’re envisaging a future where every apprentice not only gets good training but also gets the help and encouragement to finish what they started.

This government plan lines up perfectly with what we’re all about.  By making training free, it opens doors for more people to get into trades like carpentry. However, as Felicity mentioned, just having access to training isn’t enough. We also need to make sure apprentices have support along the way.

As Australia’s population keeps growing, we’re going to need more skilled tradespeople. So, it’s critical that we invest in plans like this one from the government and make sure apprentices get the help they need to succeed.

Let’s build a future where apprentices keep swinging that hammer.

Watch the interview here!