KingGee is excited to launch a true world first in innovation and technology – QUANTUM.

Sustainability was at the forefront during the development and design of this boot, as we take seriously our part in building and contributing to a sustainable future. Utilising NatureTex, the boot linings are made from 50% recycled ocean plastics and ghost netting. In addition, the PU Popcorn footbed not only provides additional comfort, but also is 100% recycled. Other recycled elements built into Quantum include the laces, TPU toe and heel bumpers, as well as our recyclable packaging.

Overall, Quantum is made from 33% recycled materials.

From the ground up, Quantum is constructed to ensure that it is up to the task, no matter the job. The outsole is made from 300-degree heat resistant rubber, also tested to SRC rated slip resistance. Next, a triple layout of comfort comes in the form of Compression Molded EVA (CME) midsole, ARZ+ heel cushioning and pad technology, and finally the recycled popcorn PU footbed, which moulds to your foot. These elements combine to provide energy rebound in every step, fighting fatigue and reducing injury risk.

A Cordura collar maximises comfort, while providing incredible strength and resistance to abrasion and tears. The upper construction is 3D Nubuck – leather that undergoes a process to make it both lighter and stronger than ordinary Nubuck. To protect your medial and lateral ligaments, D30 technology is built into the boot along each side. Used in everything from military gear to NFL helmets, D30 is the leader high impact resistance and shock absorption. This intuitive material is formed by molecules that lock into place as soon as it senses impact, reducing injury risk.

Incorporating microclimate control is achieved through KülKōte technology. KülKōte molecules coat the linings, regulating temperature within the boot by absorbing heat energy and creating a cooling effect. This is critical while exposed to the often-harsh Australian climate.

While you would be forgiven for thinking all this must weigh Quantum down, it’s in fact the lightest boot currently on the Australian market that can be worn in heavy industrial roles and beyond. At 745 grams, you won’t feel the need to take them off at the end of the day. The combination of a composite toe cap and a resin YKK zip means that Quantum is 100% metal free, suitable for airports and ideal for FIFO.

Quantum is true HYBRID FOOTWEAR, meaning it is unique in its ability to service across industries and occupations. Whether it be heavy or light industrial, warehousing, logistics, transport – you name it, Quantum is the answer. With a size range from AU/UK 4-14, both women and men can enjoy the Quantum experience. Endorsed by the Australian Podiatry Association, Quantum is the highest rated boot in regards to health and safety we have ever brought to market. A perfect fit is critical in reducing risk of both short and long-term health & safety outcomes.

The technology in Quantum ensures that there is no situation that Quantum can’t handle, while sustainability elements help us all to do our part. It truly is for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

KingGee invites you to take the Quantum leap