The M18™ System is Milwaukee Tool’s 18V cordless power tool platform that includes a wide range of solutions built with professional-grade power, light weight, extreme performance and enhanced ergonomics. M18™ technology has allowed the company to push the boundaries of 18V capabilities and develop a range of powerful cordless tools to replace the traditional corded tools that professionals have relied on for years—like circular saws.

The M18™ Brushless 184mm Circular Saw (M18BLCS66-0) delivers maximum power to help carpenters take on various heavy duty applications throughout the day. With a Milwaukee-built brushless motor and REDLINK™ PLUS electronics, the M18™ Brushless 184mm Circular Saw provides efficient power delivery and fewer trips to the charger.

Weighing only 3.3kg and with no cords required, this Circular Saw is highly portable, making it versatile and ready to help you take on a range of jobs from roof framing to final finishes.

With 5,000RPM, the M18™ Brushless 184mm Circular Saw provides smooth cutting and features an electric brake to stop the blade when the trigger is released, designed to keep you safe and protect your saw blades and material.



Milwaukee Tool delivers innovation, not only in their cordless power tool categories but also in their tool accessories. With new engineering methods such as proprietary materials, progressive heat treatments, and advanced geometry, Milwaukee Tool is optimising their power tool accessories to provide the best user experience from start to finish. Milwaukee accessories, like circular saw blades, aim to deliver speed, precision and durability with every use.

Get the most from your M18™ Brushless 184mm Circular Saw by combining it with the right Milwaukee circular saw blade for the job. These Circular Saw Blades have been designed with several features to optimise how you cut. An anti-friction coating keeps the blade cool while cutting and resists corrosion and gumming. A thin kerf design delivers fast cuts and more cuts per charge when used with a cordless tool.

Laser cutting technology is used to create the blade from 100% sheet steel to provide a stable blade that helps with cutting accuracy. Laser-cut vibration slots minimise wobble and warping during use.

Choose from the 184mm (7 1/4″) Framing 24t Circular Saw Blade (484087200, or the 184mm (7 1/4″) Ultra Finish 60T Circular Saw Blade (48408730) for cutting wood. The 184mm (7 1/4″) Ultra Finish 60T Circular Saw Blade (48408730) is perfect for high-quality finishes, with a high tooth count and High ATB tooth pattern designed to produce a smooth surface.

For fibre cement applications, the 184mm (7 1/4″) Fibre Cement 4t Circular Saw Blade (48409000) has Polycrystalline Diamond Teeth designed to extend the blade’s cutting life and maintain the tip sharpness. Polycrystalline Diamond blades have a low tooth count to help reduce dust compared to continuous rim blades.

These blades fit most circular saws with a universal arbor system with reduction rings.

Milwaukee Tool has a full range of durable accessories optimised for robust performance with Milwaukee cordless power tools, whether you’re cutting, drilling, fastening, polishing, sanding or more.

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