UltraDeck: Longer Lasting Coatings

Water-based coating technology
Water-based coatings typically form a semi-transparent film on top of the timber which means they stand up to harsh weather conditions a lot better than a fully penetrating solvent-based product. 

Natural weathering of water-based coatings
Typical water-based coatings form a semi-transparent film on top of timber. To prevent the film from peeling and flaking, coatings are often designed to weather away naturally. Once the film has weathered away, it is time to reapply in order to continue protecting the timber.


Intergrain’s longer lasting timber finishes
Coatings that fade quickly can be a source of much frustration. Intergrain UltraDeck Timber Oil lasts 3x longer than traditional oil-based decking oils. UltraDeck Timber Stain lasts even longer due to its higher levels of pigment.

What makes the UltraDeck range different?
Unlike typical water-based deck coatings, Intergrain’s UltraDeck range of decking oils and decking stains, will both penetrate into the surface of the timber and form a film.

This means that once the film has weathered away, there remains some extra protection for the timber, extending the life of the coating without the risk of peeling, flaking or blistering.

Intergrain UltraDeck is guaranteed to never flake, blister or peel for as long as you live in your home if applied according to specified instructions.

UltraDeck Maintenance
Best protection of the timber and ease of maintenance is ensured if the UltraDeck product of choice is re-coated before deterioration of the coating and timber underneath occurs. 

Every coating will wear differently depending on the weather, the effects of foot traffic and whether the surface is equally exposed to these conditions. It is recommended to conduct a routine 12 monthly maintenance inspection. 

Coat in any Season
Waiting for perfect conditions is one of the most restrictive parts of coating exterior timber, the Intergrain UltraDeck range offers advanced water-resistant technologies allowing you to coat in any season

  • Coat down to 5°C and up to 35°C 
  • Coat in up to 85% humidity
  • Coatings are rain-ready in as little at 2hrs

How to coat in any Season
The information in the table below is featured on the back of pack labels as a quick guide to coating in any season.  

Coat after rain:
Rain the night before does not need to put you off the job in the morning – prepare as normal, wipe off excess water then allow at least 1 hour for the timber to dry. Intergrain’s UltraDeck range can be applied while the timber is still damp.

Coat before rain:
A forecast of rain in the evening shouldn’t necessarily deter you from coating. The UltraDeck range offers fast water resistance and can withstand light rain on the day of coating. Just use the table to ensure enough time has been allowed.

Coat up to  35°C:
Other water-based coatings will dry too quickly to coat in high temperatures causing tackiness which makes it difficult to achieve a great finish. Intergrain’s UltraDeck range has optimised open times meaning you can coat in conditions up to 35°C.

Note: air and surface temperatures need to be below 35°C. In hot conditions, coating out of direct sunlight or lightly wetting the timber to cool it down will help the open time as you apply, it is also recommended to coat in smaller sections.

Coat down to 5°C:
Intergrain UltraDeck offers guidance for coating all the way down to 5°C, coatings rely on evaporation to cure so coating in low temperatures will extend the recoat time.

Note: air and surface temperatures need to be above 5°C. The table shows times based on 5°C temperatures, the warmer it is, the quicker the coating will dry

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