The Timber Framing Collective is introducing a suite of easy to use creative resources to help share the remarkable green story of Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™.

It’s time to put timber in the frame as one of the most eco-friendly building materials on Earth. It’s renewable and sustainable, absorbing huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and keeping it locked up for as long as the wood exists.

With these new engaging and educational campaign assets, let’s share the contribution our industry is making to help tackle climate change.

Let’s build a better world

The new assets are a part of a new campaign, Let’s Build a Better World, for the Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™ brand, designed to celebrate:

  • The contribution our industry is making to help our planet
  • The benefits of timber framing (durable, reliable, workable, etc)
  • The tens of thousands of people involved across our industry who are helping implement environmentally sustainable practices

The results are in

Research shows that:

  • Despite timber framing being one of the most eco-friendly building materials, many people still think cutting down trees is a bad thing
  • Although most builders and fabricators prefer to work with timber, many have been steered to other materials due to consumer demand
  • 78% of consumers would like an eco-friendly building material option from their builder or supplier
  • However, less than half of builders and suppliers are likely to discuss sustainable materials with their clients

Empowering builders

With almost 80% of prospective clients wanting to know about timber framing’s green credentials, these new campaign resources aim to empower builders to proudly stand up for their craft and share the environmental benefits of timber framing.

Unlimited access to creative assets

Anyone in the entire industry has unlimited access to all the resources that can be shared across social and digital platforms, presented to prospective clients, displayed in offices and display suites, and used to proudly share the message across every touchpoint—wherever and whenever best suits each organisation. The resources include videos, brochures, fact sheets, social assets, merchandise and more.

Share the message with your network

One tree is strong. But when we are a forest, we are mighty. Download the resources from Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™, share them with your clients and encourage your network to do the same.

If we’re to have a future on this planet, the world is counting on people like us to help it focus on resources that protect and preserve the home we all share.

Let’s build a better world.