Registration Program Launch!


The fastest and easiest way to get your DBL-C Registration.

The legislation in Victoria states that carpenters must have their DBL-C Registration in order to do work valued at over $5,000 for: 

  • Private Clients,
  • Owner Builders, and 
  • DBM Builders

Making a carpentry business profitable doing jobs worth less than $5,000 is nearly impossible.  So what’s your next step?

Like Carpentry Australia, our Registration Program has been created by chippies, for chippies. We’re here with support right the way through, to help you get your DBL-C Registration as quickly and easily as possible.


  1. Register your interest below,
  2. We’ll be in touch to confirm your information and talk you through the Registration Program and process,
  3. Sign up to the Program – you’ll pay a one-off fee and from there, we’ll get your first visit booked in to get stuck in to your application,
  4. We’re with you the whole way through to make sure the process is quick, easy and you’re ready to get registered!

Getting your DBL-C registration opens up so many doors – whether you want to stick to carpentry or be an unlimited builder down the track, at the very least it’s a critical first step.  Unless you’re planning to stay on full time wages or subby, you’re going to need your DBL-C now or in the future.  With CA, you’re getting dedicated support the whole way through the process, delivered in the best possible way by the guys who know our trade best.

Spaces are limited: register your interest now!